Privacy Policy

Date: 16th October 2014

Representative: Izuru Yamamoto

BIZEN IZURU YAMAMOTO is in the compliance with laws and regulations related to personal information.

1. About procurement and use of private details.

   BIZEN IZURU YAMAMOTO Procurement and use of private details within the necessity of the purpose mentioned below.

If it does not apply to the purposes mentioned below, we ask you to agree.
(1) For the purchase and quote, other questions and sending information.
(2) Shipping of the products.
(3) Notice of kiln statement, introduction of new products, guidance of IZURU YAMAMOTO.
(4) Use of cookies for operating website.

2. About safety management of personal information.

   BIZEN IZURU YAMAMOTO takes appropriate management of personal information which have been provided.

3. Provision of personal information to third parties.

   BIZEN IZURU YAMAMOTO will not provide personal datas to third parties without your consent except mentioned below.

(1) If there is anything dealing with laws and regulations.
(2) For the protection of lives and properties.
(3) Necessity to cooperate with governments, local public body or agent on commission need to carry out affairs against laws and regulations.

4. Changes to this policy.

   This policy may be changed.

   The policy IZURU SEITO has provided on this page is validated except when it is changed.